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Your Ideal Partner In Gearboxes

Let’s make transmissions impossible!

Transmission Impossible is a service provided by Accialini Training & Consulting which aims to help organizations in the gear industry.

Pushed by a strong passion and supported by several years of experience in the aerospace business, our goal is to develop and produce the best mechanical transmission according to customer needs.

We support your project by providing a network of consultants with great international experience in the field.

Mechanical Transmissions

How can we help you?

New Product Development

We support the design and the industrialization phase

Manufacturing Management

To improve and innovate your process capability!

Gearbox 4.0 Support

Do you know how to implement 4.0 solutions in your shop?

Gear Training on demand

We provide technical training to your team

New Product Development

Mechanical Transmissions are complex items and they require special and complex skills. Indeed, their development involves several steps, from design concepts to machining, quality inspection and more.

We support organizations in the main stages of new product development of a gearbox:

Manufacturing Management

gearbox tools

We help organizations to assess their current capability and to identify the best strategy for improvement, which means:

  • improve the existing capability: if your technology is mature enough according to design and process requirements, this is the best and  solution to adopt 
  • develop a new capability: if you are developing innovative products or you want to introduce a step change in your current process, you probably need to develop a new capability
Gearbox manufacturing management

Gearbox 4.0 Support

Accialini Training & Consulting support the Gear Industry in the implementation of 4.0 solutions

We work side by side with our clients to implement pilot projects to enhance productivity and flexibility at a lower cost!

Our approach:

Want to know more?

gearbox manufacturing strategic roadmap

Gear Training on Demand

We offer a Training Program to provide the proper knowledge to professionals working in the gear business:

gearbox training
On SIte
Gear training virtual class
Virtual class
Gear training elearning

Looking for an elearning solution? Check out our course:

Why Choose us

Our professionals are highly committed with several years of experience in the field

Nicola Accialini - Senior Consultant


Rule #1!

International Background

Our network have an international background in different sectors: aerospace, automotive and renewable energy


We have passion for our jobs and we like new challenges!

Customer Oriented

We work shoulder to shoulder with our customers to satisfy their needs

Our Clients


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If you think we are the missing piece to your project, don’t hesitate to contact us!